Game Universes of Ninja_Sensei

Fifth Edition D&D

Tales from FrostWall 5e
What the @$? is my D&D Campaign
Council of Wyrms
Scarred Lands

Pathfinder Settings

MTG Planar Adventures
DawnForge II - The Birth of Empire
Nine Empires - Book of the Nine Swords
Tales from FrostWall - Book of the Righteous
World of Monks - Eastern influenced setting
Midnight -
Arcana Imperious - A Sorcerer dominated Empire - EOM Pathfinder setting

Pathfinder Settings in Development


Spell Point System
Swashbuckling Arcana

Fate System Games

7th Sea Fate
Avatar Fate
Codex Alera Fate

Seventh Sea / Legends of the Five Rings

Legend of the Five Rings - A collection of different campaigns

7th Sea/L5R Adaptation 7th Sea 4th edition
7th Sea Campaigns

Exalted 3rd Games

Core World
Exalted 3rd House Rules
Elemental High School Drama
Bourne Sidereal

Eclipse Phase

Eclipse Phase


Scion Character Creation
Scion Character Resources Summary
Scion Campaigns

Other Systems

Ars Magica
Star Trek Adventures
Houses of the Blooded
Third Horizon - Coriolis

I haven't decided what to put here:


The Replacements
Defenders of the Galaxy
Tiger & Bunny

Blog Cat wants Food
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Exalted (2nd)

Core Universe
After the Bomb
Saga of the Southern Fires
Gunstar Autochthonia
Heavens Reach

Standard House Rules
Martial Arts
Exalt Charms and Features
Other Beings


Alpha Centauri

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